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Mass Mosaic Tile SQ-144 S
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Mass Mosaic Tile SQ-144 S

The process of mosaic ceramic loading through 18 hours of combustion at 2,400 degrees Celsius, so the water absorbency becomes very low, only 0.006-0.3%. Therefore, the mosaic that is installed is not easily lifted (muddy), and resistant to weather changes. The strength of bending or mosaic ceramic strength is very good, at 450 kg / cm2. While the ordinary floor tiles are only 200 kg / cm², so the mosaic is resistant to friction.

Mosaic is a type of material whose shape consists of small pieces and formed and assembled with certain techniques to form a pattern or design in accordance with the desired. As one art form, Mosaic Floor has been developed since tens of centuries ago.

The products produced by this company are very suitable for use in various rooms, such as bathroom, kitchen, terrace, even as a combination for the living room, lobby, bar and so on, given the beauty value it offers, which has been recognized by many leading architects . This product is also very suitable for use in swimming pool and as wall and floor coating of the house, even multi-storey building, considering technical specification, ease of maintenance and colorful beauty.

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